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LLC Technoceramica is a research and production company in Russia that has been developing and manufacturing high-tech abrasive and refractory materials from white electrocorundum and tabular alumina for more than 7 years.

Main areas of activity of LLC Technoceramica
Our production facilities allow us to produce a wide range of products of the highest quality:

Why are we trusted

Our values

The future behind the domestic manufacturer

The main goal of LLC Technoceramica is to become the leading company of the Russian Federation in the development and production of high-tech abrasive and refractory disperse materials. We will be happy to find in your person a client or business partner who appreciates quality, high professionalism and reliability.

Technokeramika Ltd.

Address: 249100, Kaluzhskaya obl., Zhukovsky rn, ISSP, Verkhovye village, 2nd site of OAO "PZ Signal", building 101. Postal Code: 249100 Website:

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